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WHITE GRAINS is an interior furnishing accessory, designed and created to give elegance and value to living spaces.

It is designed not to illuminate but to create magical atmospheres and suggestive effects with warm and bright shades to be brought into one’s living environments.

Those who love quality know that creativity and commitment are needed to achieve it. WHITE GRAINS is the result of the research for the most suitable wood to support the manufacturing processes. Each phase is controlled with passionate attention, from that with high-tech machinery to the artisanal one. Only in this way can a sculpture born outside the box give greater value to everyday environments.

Each piece made is unique in the details, exclusive to those who buy it.

Ogni pezzo realizzato è unico nei dettagli, esclusivo di chi lo acquista.

WHITE GRAINS was born from the interpretation of nature and of its aspects of strenght and essentiality. The collection proposes a new concept and design, where the splits and broken lines themselves become modern and refined elements capable of distinguishing with style the environments in which they are placed.

Size: inch 7,87x7,87x8,82 h

Price: 500 € (VAT Included)

+ shipment costs

Choose your finishing


Bordeaux / Garnet red

Nuances of bordeaux, garnet and marc. The combination of these shades create a very elegant finish, with a strong and strong style, in contrast with the color of Canadian Red Cedar wood.


Dark brown / Yellow curcuma

Shades of dark brown and turmeric yellow characterize this collection. Two different finishes that together create a perfect combination of great charm and elegance.

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