Design and light. This is our DNA, the union of multiple elements that together create unique objects. The tradition of “handmade” is renewed in the woodworking and in the search for the best essences. Creativity finds its space in the search for innovative design solutions. Today we offer our light points to business sector and to private consumers.
The laboratory was born in 2018 from an unsuccesful search for the purchase of a piece of furniture and lighting. Hence the idea of creating one and subsequently the decision to found a laboratory that would offer special objects on the market. “Light” does not only mean illuminating. With light it’s possible to create magical and unique atmospheres for your own environments.

Our products can be purchased on request by contacting us. For us the relationship with our customers is the most important part, because nothing reward us like their satisfaction. The future will be made up of new collections, new ideas and of the enthusiasm that distinguishes us.

Alberto Piona


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