CONTRASTO e WHITE GRAINS are furnishing and lighting products created for those private and work environments that want to be distinguished by elegance and originality. In the products the geometric shape of the cube, symbol par excellence of rationality and the irregular shapes of Nature are enclosed. Ratio and Chaos come together in a single object with elegant, irregular, strong shapes. The cube is made of a single block of solid Western Red Cedar wood which is hand sculpted and brush finished with natural resin. CONTRASTO and WHITE GRAINS therefore constitute the union of creative and handmade ability on one side and of the precision of computer numerically controlled (CNC) on the other. The Western Red Cedar is a conifer of the Pacific coast of Canada that we import directly to Milan and is known for its exceptional beauty that enhances design products. The wood is light, reddish brown in color and has a uniform grain of exceptional beauty. All the timber we use for production comes from controlled logging areas and subject to the forest management policies required by Canadian Laws and by the British Columbia Acts.

Production is limited and made to order.

Price: € 369,00 + VAT (€ 450,00)

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